Interesting Facts - USA

Detroit is 80% African American. Other cities where African Americans are in the majority include Atlanta and New Orleans. Chicago was founded by an African American – Baptist Point de Saible. Originally from the island of Santo Domingo (Haiti and the Dominican Republic today), de Saible built the first cabin on the site that is now Chicago.

Black people owned the land at Wall Street and at City Hall in New York was once owned by Black people. The land on which Madison Square Garden stands was owned by Annie D’Angola – a Black woman. She deeded it to the city. Negro Harry – a former slave, was one of the founding citizens of New York.

67th Regiment, US Coloured Infantry – At Brownaville, Texas on May 13, 1865, the regiment fired the last shot in the US Civil War.

Pope – a former slave, became one of the greatest Cherokee chiefs.

Black slaves toiled alongside white slaves in Massachusetts in the 17th century. Also in the 17th century, white Spanish women were sent to the Spanish colonies and sold as slaves. In 1723 500 Black men from Haiti and 200 white men from France were brought in as slave miners in the lead mines of Missouri. Wall Street was originally a slave market.

During World War II the US White House was guarded by African-American servicemen. They were regarded as loyal and unlikely to harbour saboteurs.