Black Pioneers - Britain

Janet Adegoke - First Black woman mayor.

Brian Anderson - Britain’s first Black prison governor.

John Blanc - A Royal Court trumpeter during reign of Henry VIII. First Black man to be depicted in English art.

Ashley Cole - First Black British footballer to be awarded 100 caps for the England team.

Vincent Forbes - Established the first Reggae Sound System in Britain.

Claudia Jones - Trinidadian journalist and socialist. Noted for founding Britain’s first Black newspaper – ‘The West Indian Gazette’. She also started the ‘Afro Asian Caribbean News’. Prior to coming to England, Claudia was active in Harlem. Claudia started the Notting Hill Carnival. She recruited the service of Rhaune Laslett, who continued to organise the Carnival after Claudia returned to political activism.

Jacqui Lee - First Black woman trading standards officer.

Oliver Lyseight - Founder of a Black led church in Britain and Europe.

Bill Morris - First Black non-executive director of the Bank of England.

Norman Samuda-Smith - First Black British-born novelist to be published in the UK.

Ignatius Sancho - First Black person to vote in a British election.

Moira Stewart - First Black female broadcaster.

Richard Stokes - First Black Grenadier Guardsman.

Henry Sylvester Williams - First Black local councillor (Maryleborne Council, London, 1906)

Walter Tull - First Black officer in the British Army to lead white soldiers into battle.